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In America, we have the highest levels of cancer, heart disease, and diabetes in the world. The fourth largest cause of death in the U.S.A. is Adverse Drug Reactions-meaning, reactions to prescribed medications.

Because of the overuse of antibiotics, the epidemic of poor nutrition, the widespread inclusion of toxic chemicals in almost everything we put on or in our bodies, and the stress so many people experience on a daily basis---our immune systems are weak and we are aging prematurely.

Essential oils hold nature's design for enhancing and enlivening every system in our bodies-physical, mental, and emotional. That's why we need them now…possibly more than ever.

You can make a healthier choice! With our unconditional Guarantee of purity and quality, Young Living Essential Oils offers you the best essential oils and essential oil based products in the world.

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Essential 7 Kit

Thieves - 15 ml

Valor - 5 ml

Idaho Balsam Fir - 5 ml

Frankincense, Sacred - 5 ml

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